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My journey into wedding photography wasn’t some big dream. It started simple, capturing special moments on my travels – little keepsakes to hold onto after the souvenirs were packed away. But something changed as I photographed breathtaking places and vibrant cultures. It wasn’t just the beauty, it was the stories I saw – capturing a feeling, a memory, in a single click.

Weddings though, they had a different kind of magic. Seeing love stories unfold through my lens – the laughter, happy tears, pure joy – it touched my heart deeply. It sparked a passion to capture these special moments, to create beautiful memories couples could cherish forever. That’s why I became Reshu Agarwalla, the wedding photographer – to translate the magic of your wedding day into timeless memories, filled with all the love and emotions you’ll hold dear for years to come.

Reshu Agarwala

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Colorful Moments: Capturing Your Story Vibrantly

Creative Flair: Elevating Your Visual Experience

Romance Unveiled: Cinematic Love Stories

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Our experience with Framescreation was fantastic! From pre-wedding sessions to the final product, their team's talent shone through. They captured not just moments, but the true spirit of our celebration. Highly recommended for those seeking unique and top-notch photography services."

"Framescreation exceeded our expectations. The professionalism, skill, and passion evident in every shot showcase their commitment to excellence. Grateful for the beautiful memories they've created for us.

Exceptional service from Framescreation ! The attention to detail and commitment to capturing genuine moments resulted in stunning photos that truly tell our love story. Thank you for making our day unforgettable!"